Excerpt Reveal: With the First Goodbye by Len Webster

With only seven days till the release  of With the First Goodbye, I’m privileged to be sharing a excerpt of this beautiful contemporary book . This is definitely one of my most anticipated releases of 2017 .


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The woman who sat in front of him had been everything at one time. Until the real Sarah

Collins unveiled herself. A manipulative bitch. A woman willing to take a secret to her grave. A person who would go to extreme lengths to ruin lives. She had been the woman Max had loved.

All the things he had been oblivious to since he had met her were now clear. She wasn’t the kind-hearted girl he had helped when he was eight. The one who sat on her doorstep crying as her parents fought. He saw the sad girl. He knew how nice she was underneath it all, but everyone else hadn’t. Everyone saw the true Sarah while Max had been in denial.

For as long as Max had known Sarah, she had never been much of a crier. The first time had been when they were eight. But then he saw her shed tears when the truth of her ways came to light. She had told Clara a lie that broke her and Noel apart. Max had ended it with her when he discovered what a blackened heart she had. That was when she had cried. It took seventeen years until he saw those tears of hers again. She had never shown an inch of emotion and never given much in the companionship department. Max had never been an option for her. Instead, his best friend, Alex Lawrence, had. She had chosen the star footballer and the brains. The same man who went to Stanford while Max stayed in Melbourne.

“I wish I had never done it, Max. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep feeling this pain. I don’t want to be without you,” she sobbed.

He knew she meant it. Sarah had never shown more than her bitchy side. Max had thought it was a portrayal—something to hide behind. A defence mechanism. But he had

learnt the hard way that it wasn’t a façade. It was real. It was her. All of her.

A heartless bitch.

Max stood from the dining chair where he sat. She had called him in the middle of a client meeting mumbling and threatening self-harm if he did not see her immediately. The love he thought he felt had him excusing himself and driving across the city to her Docklands apartment. The love he thought she felt for him had him at her door. What he had expected was a remorseful woman, not a soulless and sinister woman in lingerie.

It was an act.

One he fell for.

She was quite the actress.

That and his love for her had made him a blind man.

Love made him a terrible person.

And love made him betray his best friends.


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