We Need More Female Centric Books like these Featuring The Bone Season, A Promise of Fire and Ariadnis

As my reading tastes change as I grew up and my tastes varied. I found myself   not sticking to recent releases and diving into two book from the 20th century and earlier. Whilst the classics found their place in history and my life . I saw myself  only enjoying   most old school  romances  purely for the story. Whilst there was some that stood out to me  for the ground breaking. I never felt myself really connecting to the characters on a deeper level  because they were treated  so ordinary.  The ideas of a woman’s place  of the time playing a role with their characterisation and really restricting them.

Things have changed since then. Whilst writers have grown and the industry has changed,  we have seen advances.  Books seemed  remained to be behind their times.

If anyone knows I love a good a heroine.  Sometimes everyone wants someone they can relate to and I have found myself relating to certain characters as I saw them in myself. Even so I want books that put females in the same roles as their counterparts. As much I love my contemporaries and stories of sisterhood and friendship.  I want an outstanding story where the is no boundaries and females take charge.

I want equality in books.  Is that wrong ?

I want a books where females are central to the story. Where the book can’t live without their female lead. In an age and day where equality for females is something we still fight for . Why can’t there be more books like these
Whilst The Fire Sermon, Red Queen and A Torch against the Night fit in this idea of female centre books and I loved them.  They weren’t perfect. Neither are others

However these three stood out to me recently. Whilst I have loved The Bone Season for a couple of years now and enjoyed Paige as  a character and her growth over the three books so far.

Whilst the book isn’t’ perfect and may have trigger warnings for some. Without Paige , The Bone Season wouldn’t be the same Paige was a game changer for me.  Shannon’s debut didn’t disappoint and whilst the series has gotten better so has Paige. Whilst Warden and Nick have also become  favourites . Would Bone Season be the same if there wasn’t no Paige and the other key females in this series.

Paige should that you could be m ore then a kick ass woman. She lead the charge. She wasn’t afraid and was  she was wrong. But she was never held back once she found her footing.  Like Cat  the heroine of A Breath of Fire


(Thanks to Hachette Australia for providing a review copy)

A Promise of Fire made the circuits last year touted by many romance readers as one of the best debuts they have read. High words of praise and it easy to see why once I picked up the book for myself

Fantasy isn’t always the forefront of the romance genre. Whilst it was seen a second thought I for me , sticking more to contemporary romances. Things have changed thanks to books like this .  Cat our heroine is a kickass heroine as you expect. However the whole plot revolves around her. If there was no Cat, there was no book or series. The guys are there as supporting members to her story. I loved this as Cat easily holds her own in this story and this what was so fabulous. Despite being a romance fantasy, I was there for Cat and her skills . Her journey is the reason why readers fell in love. She was the central character  to the story and she had a lot going of  her. She was the reason and the cause for the story. Without her there would be no Kingmaker Chronicles . She  showed that she could handle herself in any situation

The author may of put in Griffin as  a love interest and a folly to her tough edge. Even so she was the same without him. He was almost a distraction that she didn’t need. They needed her to solve their problems.

(Thanks to  Date A Book for providing a review copy)

Ariadnis was an unexpected surprise that turned up on my doorstep  and immediately when I read the author’s bio. I was curious . He has an interest in heroine and gender studies so I was curious was this book to be feminist

This book did live up to author’s background. The male characters in this book are figure heads almost to speak. To help the plot carry along as the leads try to  live up to their destiny.

With a range of diverse characters , it easily to see the appeal of this book.  The concept of the last people on alternative world fighting against each other yet  living harmoniously on this  land. The Chosen do all the dirty work and now it the time of change.

This book isn’t going to be for everyone with the slow plotting and  the way that the story is format. It something different and  intriguing. Martin really enjoys writing heroines and whilst this book isn’t perfect. I admire idea and concept he has with this series.

Female figured centric books like these  are only examples of how far we come but there  always still ways to go. Books like these ones give me hope that will be books where we can get totally positive female influences . That we can strive to do anything and we can be equal like these kick ass women

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