Review: Jewel in the North (Flinders Ranges #3) by Tricia Stringer

Jewel in the North

Series :  Flinders Ranges #3

Publisher : Harlequin Australia

Source : Publisher

Release Date :  April 24th 2017


Jewel in the North: A longstanding feud of land and love, a family torn apart and a quest for the ultimate prize…

A breathtaking historical family saga of love, death and forgiveness and a quest for the Jewel in the North

1895. The Flinders Ranges are a beautiful but harsh landscape as Joseph Baker, a pastoralist in that unforgiving environment, knows all too well. For three generations his family have farmed the land, married and had children at their property at Wildu Creek, but now, struggling with hostility from the local community for his choice of wife, Joseph finds himself fighting to save not just his friends and family but his very existence.

His son William has his own battles to fight: not only the drought that takes over the land but his own despair, as he faces rejection from the woman he loves. Meanwhile, a ruthless enemy will stop at nothing to take from William what he considers to be his. Could the vicious and cunning Charles Wiltshire be his nemesis? Or does another man, in a quest for the Jewel of the North, hold the key to his destruction?

As the First World War looms on the horizon, two men struggle to survive both the elements and each other on a quest to find that they hold dear — but only one will have the courage to stand strong.

The deeply satisfying conclusion to the bestselling Flinders Ranges series.

Tash M

Jewel in the North  is the third book  in the sweeping historical saga Flinder Ranges Series by Stringer  following the generations of three families through the late 1800’s to the  brink of  WW1

Set in the beautiful Flinger Ranges as the series title suggests. The third book follows the Prossers, Bakers and Wiltshires once again  as they struggle with up’s and down’s  of life and the challenges it brings.

Weaving the stories of the different  generations together. The story focuses on  William Brker, the oldest son of Joseph in particular as he struggles to  make his mark on the ranges , like his father and grandfather Thomas.

Times aren’t easy for the Baker family. With his father dealing with the hostilities towards the family  from  the Wiltshires and others. William is given the Smith’s Ridge to run and he embraces the challenge  to do so .

However that not all on  his mind and slowly the bigger picture forms and the dynamics of these three families. William being in love with  Georgina , the only child of   the Prossers who aren’t too please given the past history.  Much rather wanting something better for their daughter . Someone like young  Charles Wiltshire who is barely in his mid teens who thinks that the Baker should be gone and definitely not be interested in Georgina

Those issues shape the story as the feud continues in the present generation s they face the elements  and deal with life challenges.  Stringer doesn’t mince words, she gets to the heart of the matter quickly.Lines are drawn and things are clear. The feud isn’t going to go away in a hurry. With Charles being influenced by his father  and William and Georgina determined to forged their own path.

Things aren’t going to be easy.  Happiness is going to be a hard won fight.

Jewel in the North was everything you expect a sweeping historical saga to be.  I have had the first on my shelves for a while and been meaning  to read this saga as I love a sweeping historical saga and whist this the third book, I soon found myself hooked and falling love with the characters and the saga.

Whilst the stories do continue of the older generations and the history is glanced over. I found myself pretty well clue in and enjoying all the elements that brought the story together  in this final book.  I love how it came full circle but I do hope there more stories about these characters


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