Review: Their Meant-To-Be Baby (Yoxburgh Park Hospital #1) by Caroline Anderson

Their Meant-To-Be Baby

Series :Yoxburgh Park Hospital #1

Publisher: Harlequin

Source : Netgalley

Release Date : January 17th 2017



Unexpectedly pregnant!

Having discovered her night with surgeon Sam Ryder had unexpected consequences, Kate Ashton is left reeling when he walks into her emergency department. Now she’ll have to tell this “emotionally broken” man she’s been belatedly warned about that she’s pregnant!

Sam’s feelings might be frozen, but he wants to be a dad. When Kate reveals she’s afraid of becoming a mom, her heartrending story opens Sam’s heart. He must convince Kate to give them a chance. This baby was meant to beperhaps their love is, too

Tash M

I have enjoyed a number of medical romances from Harlequin over the years  as I love reading something a little different and chance to learn about something that I wouldn’t encounter in my every day life. There something fascinating  about the medical world and I enjoy reading a somewhat realistic view of what  this life is like .

However this time I’m not singing the praises of how accurate the author was delving into the world of ER and how carefully she was detail. It was the characters that got me turning the pages, wondering whether these two broken souls will find a means and a way to  put their pasts behind and look to their future as  there was a lot riding on it.

Their Meant to be Baby  is the first I have read from this author  despite her long career. This was something different .   Whilst it was set in a busy ER . The story revolved around their one night of passion that  lead to their current predicament.  The story was more on the characters rather than their environment, a changed that was surprisingly good given the characters stories which are both heart wrenching

Kate has  seen herself never to be a mother with the heartache and sorrow in her past makes her believe that she wouldn’t be . Until she throw wind to the caution with Sam. Never expecting the night to have unexpected consequence. Consequences she can’t deal with  as it brings up things  she would rather forget with the return of Sam

Kate didn’t think she would see Sam again and it obvious that  his timing could be the best thing or the worst.  Sam has been described to her  as a ‘emotionally broken man ‘ and it describes him perfectly.  His past has left him with scars on his heart and his emotions are  locked away.  His  thinks always with his  brain and never his  heart.  The last person that Kate needs  and their  mutual friends  believe they should be pulled apart due to their issues.   Kate doesn’t need more hurt  but  Sam needs her

However they don’t know the truth of the matter.  Kate has made some bad decisions and her friends genuinely care for her. As  she believe that she has  characteristics and problems that define her future and   she thought she never would have this future.   She never thought  would  have to question and re-evaluate. As her past  has forced her to believe there is only  one way. Despite her issues it hard  and her self doubting. She was  trying to do the right thing  by herself, Sam and her baby.  Sam needed her even if he was dwelling on the past.

A beautiful journey of empowerment and discovery, Their Meant to Be Baby  is a beautiful story of second chances and embracing the unknown. Anderson has written a beautiful story that should be read by any romance reader.





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