Review: A Mother to Make a Family by Emily Forbes

A Mother to Make a Family

Series : N/A

Publisher Harlequin Medical 

Release Date : March 21st 2017


A fresh start in the outback…

When Dr. Mitch Reynolds lost his wife, he blamed himself and turned his back on medicine. He keeps his three children close but the world at a distance. But then Rose Anderson walks into his life…

Teacher Rose always dreamed of falling in love, but after an illness left her scarred, her dreams feel further away than ever. Yet helping Mitch’s little family become whole again gives her the chance to belong and the prospect of being loved…just as she is.

Tash M

Forbes’s latest story was something different. Her lead  is a former doctor and most of the story revolves around their past. It has  really affected his life and now in the present, he  is far from the man he used to be because of one instance.

Mitch turned his back on medicine  when is wife died as he believed he was at fault. Now he  lives in the outback trying to keep the farm alive and look after three adorable children Lila, Jed and Charlie and handles any first aid problems . Until his oldest daughter Lila suffers a horse back riding accident that leaves her with a broken pelvic and  she has to be sent to Adelaide for treatment.

Forcing Mitch to step back into a world that he turned his back on and whilst Mitch trying his best to be there for his daughter . He still struggles with the past and the responsibilities he has on his shoulders.   He  has become a walking zombie, going through the motion of life but not living as no one can truly get through to him

Until Rose Anderson walks into this family life and changes things upside down with her charm and abilities . A welcome addition to the situation for everyone but Mitch who doesn’t want to be reminded of the situation he is in at first.

Rose is a teacher who  can’t help wanting to help the family after meeting Lila. She had her own share of heartache but she is determined not to let the world move on with her . Even if her dreams have changed, the illness  leaving her scared mentally and physically believing that she won’t be loved by someone.  She can’t help see something in Mitch and her kids despite being close to the dreams she once held dear.

Once held or is it possible as Mitch and his little family are making Rose feel more then welcome and giving hope that she can have everything.

A Mother to Make A Family was a beautiful story and I loved the story. I have read a number of Forbes books over the years and this my favourite to date. I loved the change of things. Mitch need to be pushed and showed that he could live again. Rose was perfect considering that whilst she wasn’t in the field she could relate based on her past. It was the perfectly harmony and I loved watching them both wake up and smell the roses so to speak.



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