Review: One Thousand & One Lies (Reapers of Beauty #1) by Yumoyori Wilson

One Thousand & One Lies

Series :  Reapers of Beauty

Publisher: Self Published

Source : Author

Release Date : September  8th 2018



Words of deception that assist in manipulating a person, group, lover, or foe. With each lie that leaves our lips, a plot morphs into a quick exchange, and the end result? Death.

Some call us Reapers of Beauty. Others think we assist the Angel of Death. Assassins? Murders? The list of what we term ourselves are endless. To us, this life is nothing but a job. One we have no control over what we do or whom we kill. That was how I’d lived my life for 25 years, and I presumed it would always be that way…until last night.

It was an easy assignment. A task I was confident in executing. Yet his stunning eyes pulled me in. His addictive aroma made me sigh in bliss. Those silky strands of hair felt so nice to touch, and those lips held a level of satisfaction that made my body hum for more.

A forbidden attraction that has led me astray. Or should I change that to attractions?

A thousand lies. That is all it takes to become a Reaper, like me. For the sake of protecting this mysterious group of men from my master who wants them dead, it’s time for me to play the game and turn the tables for the sake of freedom.

Will I survive? Maybe not, but I guess I’ll die trying.

Let the game begin…One Thousand and One.

Tash M

This one is straight to point,  if you are seasoned Wilson reader. This one for you,  Wilson’s latest series goes into new territory  and  of course it’s  a good old fight of good verse evil.  However our heroine is an exotic creature to say the least.

Xia is complicated and it’s  an interesting world she lives in . The world of Reapers is all she knows so  like her we are thrown into the deep as she navigates her life being one of the fable Reapers. There is quite a bit of background to these mysterious Reapers of Beauty and Wilson does a great job of swaying readers to believe certain things. She drives the point home and opens to many possibilities as this one no way going to be slow burn.

Xia knows her worth as a female and it’s quick fire from her . She knows that she only a toy controlled by an organisation that uses her.  This is her awakening, a chance to experience what she desires should she choose to risk things.

It’s clever and makes these assassins above the rest  who co exist in the world. It’s a  murky world that we  are introduced to. Rules and  way of life are somewhat not straight forward. It’s hard imagining certain things and this book is definitely not for the ones who are fainted hearted.

There is an obvious Japanese influence in this one and it works given the Reapers could be compared to Geishas. Both mysterious groups which only consist of ladies who know their talents and aren’t too afraid to use it . However the Reapers of Beauty , these ladies are  ready to hit the jugular vein and are prepared.  Just let them take you on their journey and  be prepared.



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