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Viking Bastards MC #2

By: Christina Phillips

Releasing May 1, 2017
Entangled Scorched





Plight [plahyt]

Noun: a difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.

Verb: pledge or solemnly promise. Be engaged to be married.



I promised myself to a man. Well, technically, I promised myself to a boy. We were eight years old. Neighbours. He gave me a Cheezel, pushed it onto my finger, and asked me to marry him.

I ate the Cheezel.

I also said, “Yes” but that we’d have to wait until we were thirty.

It was my thirtieth birthday last week and now he’s calling in that promise.

Seriously, Elliot Parker is insane if he thinks that an out of the blue private Facebook message stipulating the binding law of an oral contractual agreement is going to seal our twenty-two-year bullshit engagement.


I wonder if he really does look like his profile picture, though.










Tash M


Plight is the typical Golland affair that I have come to know and  love from this author.  Good dose of humour and loveable characters  who have a heart stirring  story to tell.  Capturing the innocents of children, Golland weaves a story  that you don’t want to put down as she makes her latest story so relatable and adoreable.  As kids  we all probably imagine a Cheezel or two to be a wedding ring   as you do. As  you have to  have  a ring  when you marry your boyfriend of the week. Never to think about it the next week or month as you probably moved on. The poor boy  in question was so last waeek

Oh to be a kid again

However for Elliot things are black and white for him.   A  simple Cheezel proposal  to his childhood best friend Danielle was it for him. Never matter they were  just eight  years old and she ate the Cheezel before saying yes . Plus she  only  agreed to get married to him when they were both thirty.   As in kids  years that was forever and Danielle never  really thought of the matter again . Until Elliot randomly reaches out to her and  tells  her that he is ready to say I do and expects her to be ready to do the same. Elliot has coming calling for his long lost fiancée

A bit of bombshell to Danielle who isn’t exactly keen on the whole idea of Cheezel  being  her plight  . It might be to  Eliott  that the plight  they made 22 years ago was a binding contract to him. Things have changed dramatically since they were kids. They aren’t the best friends they used to be and aren’t even in touch anymore. They grew apart and  no  matter what Elliot thinks. Danielle isn’t ready to roll over and play  the dotting fiancée. She got her own life thank you very much  and  no this Cheezel plight is going to change things for her .  She very much happy with her job and life . It doesn’t matter Elliot only matured  and looks hot.

She happy as things are or  is she  ?

A adorable  romantic comedy . Pledge is the typical Golland affair. The characters  were both hoots in their own way. With the Elliot the cute geeky guy who believes in things just a little too black and white especially when it comes to love .  Going head with the snarky sarcastic Danielle who holds love close to her chest  and believes she just fine  being things  just as they were.  She doesn’t need Elliot back thank you very much. But  there something there . It’s sort of second chance yet it not. The burning love was obvious it just need a push . Elliot was the right person for that and whilst it was fun , it was also  very sweet and heart warming.   There was more to this story and nothing less then what I expected from this author.




“I’m an author. I am married. I am a mother of two adorable little people. I’m a bookworm, craftworm, movieworm, and sportsworm. I’m also a self confessed shoe-aholic, tea-aholic, car-aholic, and bridge-aholic.”

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, K.M. Golland is a best selling hybrid author, and a ranty, married mother of two with a very healthy high heel obsession.










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