Review: Saving Maddie’s Baby (Wildfire Island Docs #3) by Marion Lennox

Saving Maddie’s Baby

Series :  Wildfire Island Docs

Publisher: Harlequin Medical

Source : Publisher

Release Date : March 1st 2016


A precious rescue…

Dr. Maddie Haddon doesn’t think twice before running into Wildfire Island’s gold mine to save a life. But another rockfall leaves Maddie trapped inside—and this time it’s her turn to be saved…

Emergency medic Josh Campbell is used to working under pressure, but when he discovers that his latest call is to rescue his ex-wife, who is on the brink of labor, the stakes are higher than ever! Can Josh save Maddie and her baby…and heal their broken marriage, too?

Tash M

I have enjoyed a number of Lennox’s novels and Saving Maddie’s Baby  was entertaining as I hoped it be . However I didn’t find myself connected to this novel as  it  I thought I would be. See the heroine Maddie gets herself stuck into a sticky situation.  The only doctor around when a mine collapses . sees her heading into to rescue a miner. Dedicated and foolish.  You could say, there is an extra element to this story She is very pregnant and about give birth..

You get the idea what  about to happen. And meanwhile that going on we are introduced to Josh . Josh has a past history with Maddie. He was once married to her and he still has some feelings . So when he hears that she gone running  into the mine with no second  thought. He rushes to her. As things may of have gone bad for these two in the past.  He stills feels strong enough that he  needs to do something and save Maddie.

Never expecting what is going to happen next

. So this book isn’t the typical  medical romance. It more of suspense /action type of novel with a lot of medical action involved.. The climax really happens  pretty earlier in the novel and for most the novel is about trying to find a solution.  I enjoyed it on a entertaining level but I couldn’t connect to the writing like I normally do with her stories .  It was an interesting plot but it was missing something special .



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