Review: Their Secret Royal Baby by Carol Marinelli

Their Secret Royal Baby

Series : N/A

Publisher : Harlequin Medical Romance

Source : Publisher

Release Date : July 18th 2017


Royal baby born in the ER!

Dr. Elias Santini, secret prince of Medrindos, has his world rocked when he attends an emergency delivery. The patient is Beth Foster, the woman he spent one stolen night with, and she’s in premature laborwith his baby!

Estranged from her strict parents, Beth both fears the desire between them and yearns for the support Elias offers her as their tiny newborn fights for her life. A fiery kiss tempts Beth to risk everything, but what will happen when she discovers her daughter is the future heir to the Medrindos throne?

Tash M


Marinelli is one of my favourite Medical Romance line authors and  I  generally usually enjoy her books. So I totally forgot I had this one for review until I saw it again by chance on the publisher page and dove straight one in. This one is  different, this a second chance story that  starts in the present with a bang but we don’t exactly know what is going on  except the leads know each other and they just had a baby

Quickly from there the story is slowly unravelled and things make sense and how they go to this point.  Beth and Elias had a one night stand and she got pregnant.  She had no clue who he was  and didn’t expect to find him  at the hospital delivering their premature child. Talk about return to her life with a bang.

Elias is a doctor with  royal background but he rather just be a humble doctor. His parents want him to  be  the prince , the people expect. He rather spend time in the emergency  room getting in the action  and saving people.

He is a take charge  kind of guy and things  quickly things getting interesting after a quick dive to the past and see how these two  first meet. Elias  in the present is holding things together. He wants the best outcome for everything but it hard when Beth feeling overwhelmed and  he has his own problems to deal with

However everything else seems minor when dealing with  their daughter and we watched them  slowly deal with everything that has life thrown at them. I loved that it was a very honest look at things and  it was entwined from the present then to the past to the present again seamless. It seemed odd to have a chunk of the past in between the present but it worked.

Marinelli has written a book that touches the heart.  A beautiful story that fits the  medical line but yet it so much more.  The quality of Harlequin is only getting better with age and I can’t wait see what the future brings this line and the stories that come from this author


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  1. Thank you for your book review of Their Secret Royal Baby post. Sounds like a very intense and interesting read.

    Whats your favorite book written by this author?

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