Review: Their One Night Baby (Paddington Children’s Hospital #1) by Carol Marinelli

Their One Night Baby

Series : Paddington Children’s Hospital

Publisher Harlequin Medical Romance

Source :  Netgalley

Release Date : April 1st 2017


Their sexy cease-fire!

Working together to save Paddington Children’s Hospital, paramedic Victoria Christie and Dr. Dominic MacBride never fail to challenge each other. Until one night they discover a new way to relieve the tension…by turning their arguments into reckless abandon!

Dom came to Paddington’s to escape a betrayal and has no intention of falling in love—but when Victoria reveals she’s pregnant he finds himself reevaluating his lone-wolf status. Now he’s fighting for the woman who fires his blood, and their surprise baby!

Tash M

Whilst I have come to expect certain things when I pick up one of Harlequin Medical Romance titles,, once in a while, I find a special book that takes to the next level. Their One Night Baby may be about an accidental pregnancy but there is so much more to this story.

Victoria Christie is a no nonsense paramedic. She doesn’t have time for relationships. She is married to the job and Paddington Children’s Hospital holds a special place for her.   She doesn’t have time for Doctors like Dominic MacBride who she buts heads with, she  os more worried trying to save Paddington which is  under the threat of closure and her patients .

Dominic is a recent addition to staff but  even so he can see the vital job that  the hospital does and thrown his help in but with little  noise being made at the moment . It seems like that nothing is happening.   However for Dominic it is a  escape from the troubles he left in  Scotland , a broken heart and betrayal.

Slowly things start to change for these two and we see a change in heart slowly but surely. As the days goes by but their problems still lay there.  We as readers wonder made Dominic become this man and have these scars.. He wears them like a badge and sore about them. Luckily it isn’t to o long as Victoria has gotten under his skin.

Until  things reached boiling point with tensions , high , a one night stand happens and they go back to their usual cheerful  selves but  the memories are there  and there is permanent reminder from that night.

Victoria is pregnant

Once Victoria is pregnant is really where the book starts to shine.  Dominic is hurting and  Victoria ‘sannouncement is  is a   breaking point for the both of them. Victoria may be an adult and able to  be independent but she still craves for certain things from her father  .  I loved that Dominic handle her problems beautiful and  she did for him. As  poor Dominic was carrying a lot and it was hard not  to fall fore this surelish doctor. As there was more to him . I t was easy to see that he had potential and need someone  like Victoria

Someone who offered him hope and opened up his weary hear and show the possilbities out there . It was a beautiful story and one that has become an instant favourite and will be re-read




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