Three UK Drugstore Brands You Must Try in 2017

I’m always searching after the holy grail products.  The products that do what they promise to do whether it be high  end or low end. I will happily pay the money, if the product is amazing and my bank balance hates it .

Here in Australia,  drugstore brands haven’t always been the cutting edge. Whilst in recent years  things changed and we do have some amazing products available here now .  The prices we pay aren’t always the cheapest compared to the rest the world.

Thank to word of mouth, I discovered  three  favourite UK  brands which are amazing and do produce a lot of products . Some which  are dupes  for high ends stuff and they are pigmented like crazy  . Definitely worth the money and maybe you will be able to fall in love with them like I have and  become a fan of the brand like I have

Now the first two aren’t available in store  in Australia unfortunately . However they are easily to get a hold of online  through Ebay and their own website.


If you haven’t see this brand yet you are truly missing out. They have some of my favourite  eyeshadow palettes  which I love for their unusual   shades and they are highly pigmented given they are only 5 -6 dollars each . I’m talking about Technic cosmetics

Technic Cosmetics   has some amazing dupes  for our favourite high end products. The book of Bronzer  anyone or the contour sticks.  Their ever growing range, reflects the trends and  their bronze highlighter is my go to highlighter.  Just a search on Ebay  will lead you to their goodies and there is  plenty to love

Update : Technic informed me you can also find them online at  Pretty LIttle thing  and Boohoo Australia

Tam Beauty  is one that I discovered by their palettes and the collaboration with British Beauty blogger  The Fortunate Favours the Brave palette which I own and love for the glittery shades.

Tam Beauty   is the company behind a number of brands    ranging from makeup to hair care.  The most famous being Makeup Revolution which  has instantly become a favourite of mine

Their highlighters are some of the  blinding pigmented drugstore highlights around and it’s  a pity they only be purchased online and not here in Australia

Sleek, if you have seen their highlighting palettes you are missing out. However my love  for Sleek didn’t start with the highlight palettes. In fact , I own only one currently and plan to rectify that soon once  my  buy ban is over.

Their Meet you at Midnight  palette . I know everyone raves about their highlighters. But their eyeshadow and cheek palettes are pretty great as well and compact. Worth every cent


If I haven’t sold you yet, get ready as there will be detailed reviews coming of some of my favourite products from these  brands

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  1. The Technic range sounds like a great alternative to even supermarket brands too Tash where a decent palette will still cost around $12 and has worn off by he end of the night. I love bronzed based eyeshadow. Being older that muted palette of neutral shades is perfect for me. Looking forward to.hoping on Boohoo later and checking them out! Brilliant Tash, can’t wait until the next instalment <3

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