Top Twenty Books of 2017 – Top Ten Tuesday

Whilst I’m totally not  ready for this post as I haven’t posted all the reviews for my all my top books for this year.  I’m jumping the gun and getting  this post done and dusted as I will never do it otherwise. These may not all be  five /six star rankings but they rated  high in my books this year.

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So in no particular order.

The first in a new series from Meyers, Renegades was explosive and that cliffhanger. If you love superheroes don’t miss reading this book.  My review is here



This time around of the year is my favourite as it means a new Karly Lane’s  book . She is a staple  for me and I love  her raw rural romances that tackling the big issues and her latest Six Ways to Sunday didn’t disappoint !


This series only  keeps getting better and the third instalment was definitely worth the wait. Paige is one my favourite heroines and easy to say this was one of my top books for this year.  My review is here



Another highly anticipated sequel that didn’t disappoint that has a kick ass cliffhanger that left me reeling. Kristoff really surprised me with this instalment and there is plenty to love about this fantasy series.  My review is here 




Undoubtedly the YA debut of the year and  a highly recommend own voice book THUG is one that doesn’t need an explanation. My review can be found here

There has been quite a few amazing #LoveOZAus YA novels this year and Queens of Geek  was definitely one of those amazing books that I couldn’t get enough of . My review can be found here 



Len may have only released one  book this year. But  she cemented why she is one of my favourite local authors. Her words and the gift to able relate to her character seamlessly has quickly made her a favourite around here fast. You can read my review here 






What is with the cliffhangers this year. This was a surprise, definitely didn’t see Amani going on that journey and whilst this book was longer. It was definitely worth the read. You can find my review here 





Whimsical and magical, Strange the Dreamer was a  beautiful story that I couldn’t get enough of. Whilst I took forever to write my review and still haven’t posted it. I can’t wait to read the next book






Cute Summer Novel. Well I read it when it was in the middle of winter but still loved this book. Alex Approximately is the perfect summer read





The Color Project is a beautiful story exploring life and it’s up and downs. A debut that you don’t want to miss and you can read my review here 






I was lucky enough to get an early copy and I must say it was worth wait . If you don’t have this on your Jan Anticipated Releases you willing be missing out majorly






 This was unexpected winner and I love the concept of this book.  It’s a standalone though but I wish there will be a sequel as it such an unique idea. Read my review here 






BIM-cover (2)Reid can do no wrong for me and my first foray into the series with  Beard in Mind  didn’t disappoint and I’m love with this series which is a loose spin of from the beloved Knitting in the City series . Read my review here







This was a bundle of laughs. I loved the quirkiness of this series and Dating-ish lived up to that reputation. The review can be found here 





The latest Preston brother novel didn’t disappoint and I love this instalment. It was a bundle of surprises and Little Logan  will win you over steal your heart.  My review can be found here 




 Kate Sterritt’s 2017 release was no surprised. After falling in love with her previous two books. This book took things to a new level and you need to read this book.







Marney’s No Limit was the book we need to finish the series. Harris was the larkin who stole scene in the third book and I wonder what would happen next. Whilst his story wasn’t pretty In true fashion everything turned out right.  Read my review here 







    Another long waited book. The second Crawford brother  novel was everything I hope for .  Review can be found here 






I had the first book sitting on my shelves for a year and if wasn’t for a friend recommending this urban fantasy series it would have been a while before I got around to reading this book. I’m glad that I listened to her as this series is amazing and Verity is a kick ass heroine that I could easily get behind.  Read my review here 

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  1. I’m glad to see “The Song Rising” and “Godsgrave” on your list since they are both sequels I still need to read but haven’t found the time yet. I’ve already seen several people saying that Samantha Shannon’s third book is the best one yet, so I’m pretty excited to read it (hopefully soon)!

    Also yay for “The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.”! I’ve heard a lot of good things about that one already but haven’t read it myself yet. But I’ve been tempted by the amazing book cover quite a few times when I saw the book in a bookstore 😀

    Here are my favorite books of 2017 so far
    Sebastian recently posted…[Discussion] Why not getting ARCs (anymore) doesn’t have to be a blogging death sentenceMy Profile

  2. I need to grab a copy of Godsgrave too. I think I got the first one from Book Outlet so maybe they will have this one soon. I love the cover of it. I’ve seen the D.O.D.O book at my library so I jumped over and read your review. Sounds like a very interesting read.

  3. The Hate U Give is one of the books I should have read this year but still haven’t. However, I haven’t heard a single soul not LOVING it, and I have no doubt that I should read it and enjoy as well. I love the spotlight it’s been getting, and all of the themes it touches upon interest me a lot. I shouldn’t postpone it anymore! IT IS GETTING DONE!
    I loved Queens of Geek too. I’m highly anticipating Unearthed and also CANNOT wait to read Godsgrave! nevernight was so good!!
    Sophie Alex (@bookslikewolves) recently posted…Blogmas Day 12: Top 17 Books of 2017My Profile

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