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Sibilance by Aria Kane — This sexy trickster won’t let Sophia Samson slither out of his life so easily. Amazon | Goodreads

Crow’s Caw at Nightmoon Creek by Calinda B — All she can think about is his naked body in the woods last night…and how he murdered her best friend. Amazon | Goodreads

Running Free by K Webster — Can Frankie prove her innocence with a sexy detective hot on her trail? Amazon | Goodreads

Broken Wings by Mindy Larson – Love, secrets and lies make for a thrilling ride in Broken Wings. Amazon | Goodreads

Mina’s Revenge by J.M. Witt — Her powers are changing and they’re more than the bloodline inheritance from her mother. Amazon

Gargoyle by Scarlett Dawn — Being stone-hard has never been this sexy and wicked before. Amazon | Goodreads

Zenko by J. Rose Alexander — Blaze Riordan must find Melody Hastings before Halloween–and only a little red fox can help him do it. Amazon

The Scarlett Legacy by K.N. Lee — All Evie wanted was to escape her family’s secret…and then Avalon walked into town. Amazon

The Beast Within by Rachel M. Raithby — Passion ignites, and pasts collide, when the Beast comes out to play. Amazon | Goodreads

Sinful Instincts by J.D. Hollyfield — She was his temptation, and he was her ultimate Sin. Amazon

Moonlit Feathers by Sarah Makela — After faced with crippling loss, a heartbroken raven must find her wings again…. Amazon | Goodreads

Hounded by Tasha Black — This dog is about to have his day… Amazon

Dearborn by Jenni Moen — I craved normalcy, to fall in love with someone untouched by the magic of Woodland Creek, but not as much as I craved him. Amazon | Goodreads

The Good Girl’s Guide to Being a Demon by April Aasheim — What’s a good girl to do when she starts developing horns, and a hunger? Amazon

Blind Trust by Raci Ames — When Pia goes blind she must learn to trust what her heart can see, even if it means falling in love with two different shifters. Amazon | Goodreads

Dragon’s Web by Lia Davis — One sexy dragon, two strong-willed females, a family scandal, murder, and a love that requires plenty of ice. Amazon | Goodreads

Wicked Jackal by Cherie Marks — The freedom to choose her fate is all she wants, but can she resist the draw of one wicked jackal? Amazon | Goodreads

One Insatiable by Tia Louise — One wounded panther, one restless lynx, one insatiable hunger. Amazon | Goodreads

Dream Catcher by M.C. Cerny — Happenstance brought Kerri Harper to Woodland Creek, but will she stay for the wolf intent on mending her broken heart? Amazon

The Viking’s Curse by Xandra James — He was supposed to keep me alive after I was marked for death, but hiring the meanest Viking shifter in town might just kill me. Amazon | Goodreads

27811174I feel his emotions in living color. As if they are my own.

If he’s angry, I rage with him. If he’s grieving, I do too. When he thinks about the past, I’m right there, walking beside him. I am the window to his soul, and yet, in spite of that, he’s a riddle with no solution.

A puzzle with too many missing pieces.

We always want what we can’t have. All I wanted was some peace and quiet. To fall in love with someone untouched by the magic of Woodland Creek. I craved normalcy.

But not as much as I craved him.

When he returns to town a broken hero, there’s no choice to be made. I will reach him when no one else can. Together, we will face a future he doesn’t want.

Why? Because our love is pure magic.
TashTash M


Dearborn is my first book from this author and hell of intriguing mystery paranormal. You probably can guess what type of shifter is involved with this story, but how it revealed and how the story unfolds makes it more then an ordinary book.

In one corner we got Willow, a simple woman with a gift that has partly hindered and help her with her life. She an empath and feeling people emotions has meant she known more then she ever wanted to know about people. However she carried out and now she the owner of the dinner she used to work in when she was younger with big dreams of opening a B&B based on her love for Cluedo

However that takes a side step when the one man she knew and had a crush on returns and she is forced to navigate her feeling along aside with his.   As Quinn is a trouble man, traumatised by his time in the army and worries him. However Willow is a bright light in his life, there something that draws him to her unaware of how close their pasts ties together and how much they need each other for the future.

Dearborn is a slow going story, it takes a while to heat but there is plenty of other things to keep your occupied as the story start to build as all the pieces fall into place. I don’t know how to describe this book as it best to read for yourself as this book is special. The writing style has a lot to do with it but the idea and the concept make it something unique and different from other offerings an I definitely will be reading more of this author’s work in the future if is anything like this!

4.5 couples





Wizards. Shifters. Murderers.
Welcome to Woodland Creek where one family of wizards gives new meaning to organized crime.

Evie Scarlett wanted two things: marry Parker Drake and leave Woodland Creek.
But when Hugh Prince, a dangerous crime boss, is mysteriously murdered while awaiting trial for her father’s murder, all eyes turn to the Scarlett family.

The arrival of Hugh’s youngest son, Avalon brings a century-old feud to a dangerous climax. This vengeful wizard gives Evie’s older brother a choice: die or give Evie to him.

When Evie’s plans for escape are broken by familial duty, she must find a way to protect those she loves and win back her freedom. What she finds is an ancient power that she never knew she had.

A power that might change everything she thought she knew about her family

TashTash M


The Scarlett Legacy isn’t anything you would expect if you have read a number of books like I have in this series. Lee takes on what we know and love about town – shifters , wizards and of course mysteries. And creates an thrilling story that will leave you wondering where did she pull the story from, as this book keep changing on me a good way with a number surprising twists and turns that will leave you guessing into the last page.

Scarlett family is one of the founding families who is feuding with another and it has be going on for years and now it come to its boiling point when they make it a stand . They aren’t a bad family, they are desperate family trying to stop the feud.

However it looks like going to stop but which family will win?

Evie is the youngest in the family and some innocent in the affairs . She has been kept of the picture of what the rest of her family has been up to and living the normal young adult live with her boyfriend Parker. She has an inkling but she never expects to be in the thrown into the deep end and learn the truth about her family. A truth that changes everything and leads her into the path of Avalon .

Avalon another enigma, is he like his family, bad or is he like the Scarletts?

In the murky grey area trying to be good yet committed crimes to help his family. Lee novel of good verse evil is intriguing full of twists and turns that won’t let you put down into the last page. You may struggle to connect what the prologue has to do with everything at first. But keeping reading as this is a delightful read and everything will make sense in the end.
5 couples




25163194Melody Hastings has gone missing.

Sick and suffering from a teenage mishap, Melody is a child in a woman’s body. The town of Woodland Creek turns out to help her father find her—–but with Running Deer State Forest in their backyard, the search is going to be hard.

Ava Tsukino knows where she is.

No one will believe her if she tells them, because Ava harbors a secret like so many in Woodland Creek. She is a kami, a Japanese spirit who takes on the shape of a red fox. Ava knows there is very little time to find Melody, because someone is after the woman’s blood at the full moon.

Blaze Riordan can find her.

But he and his father are under the thumb of his grandmother. Forced to follow a path she’s picked for him, he feels trapped and afraid to break out her safe, predictable, planned world. He wants to get away, but doesn’t know what he can do to prove he’s his own man.

Until a little red fox leads him deep into the woods, begging his help to find the missing woman…

TashTash M


Okay I have like this little tiny obsession with kami and Alexander’s book was just made for me sigh. I love that she used Japanese mythology and created a story involving the Tsukino family who some of the last of their kind . The result is a rich historical paranormal novel that travels from the past to now as we learn the secrets of this family when the youngest in the family Ava is forced to see help from Blaze when a member of their community goes missing.

Whilst the story is driven by the fact the missing woman partly there is so much going on surrounding these events as all the main characters are interconnected in some way making this more an intimate story.

Ava in her shifter forms believes that she can find her but being a small fox isn’t easy to get the woman away she so decides to turn the one man who she believes who can help unaware of how her decision is not going to affect her and Blaze but their respective families as well.

Blaze is one from one of the founding families and as long as he remember he has followed his grandmother’s wishes until Ava decides to make herself know to him right when he needs to make a tough decision. He doesn’t want to be safe, like his grandmother wants to be . He wants to do things his own way and he is waiting for the right moment to break free

However it isn’t that simple when your grandmother is a stubborn woman who isn’t a fan of things run in the town and doesn’t think Blaze should be helping the searching out with Ava.

With Ava seeking his help he is forced into a world he never realise and starts to embrace it.

However it too late for everything or will these two find their way to each other and save the woman ?

I’m only scratching the surface, her there so much going on with this novel that I wanted more. I wanted to happen what happened next after the book end . I loved this book as I haven’t read any book like this one before and I enjoy it a lot it was something different and I couldn’t get enough. Hopefully this isn’t the last book I read from this author with this type of style and content as this book might of pipe the others and become my favourite out them all.





Passion ignites and pasts collide, when the beast comes out to play”

Trapped in an abusive relationship for two years, leaving could prove deadly for Becca Kian. But when she’s pushed a step too far, Becca has no choice but to flee. After an accident that leaves her unconscious, Becca wakes to find herself in the cabin of a man who’s as entrancing as he is dangerous. Because this man makes her want to dream — dream of a world where Alex Scar doesn’t exist.
Both Minotaur and human, Aster Tavros is a shifter in hiding. Living in Woodland Creek, he’s made no effort to form relationships, too afraid to allow others to see his true nature. Because when they do, they run. Yet when Becca comes crashing into his life, he ignores every one of his rules. Passion ignites between them, but when secrets and pasts collide, Aster has a choice. He can hide his identity, or reveal his true self to save Becca, all the while, risking losing her forever…
TashTash M


My time is nearly up in Woodland Creek as this my second last read for now and I was surprised I wasn’t expecting something out of the legends.  I won’t give it away but this was interesting choice and not one I haven’t read about before.

Our heroine Becca is on the run trying to escape her drug lord boyfriend after killing a henchman to get away. She wants to start over but she soon finds herself trouble when she collide on the road with Aster who is running from himself and struggling to keep his beast in check. Forced to help each other together it soon heats up. As Becca is the woman that Aster has been waiting for .
UBecca makes his beast happy as she surprisingly calm and accepting of the fact as she may be a human but this girl is all clued up. Despite being a strong woman, Aster makes her forgets that as she still worried that she will be found. A fear which makes her hesitant to tell Aster the whole story and wondering is this relationship going to work considering Aster past and distrust when it comes to relationships. He been through a lot and he loosing control. His human is all protector but his shfter side. You don’t want to mess him, as he wants a relationship and   it hasn’t gotten easier over time .

So he isn’t going to let Becca get away but what about her ex?

I wanted more with the storyline line, Aster and Becca relationship pretty much is there from the get go and the story is driven more about the threat hanging over Becca’s head. Aside from that is their personal issues, there is no end game really with this story as it is insta love. I don’t hate it or love it but I wanted a decent plot to make their relationship more believable like Becca having an issue or two about Aster.
3.5 couples





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